About Haley

Before I met Joshua, it was just me and my two pups, Wyley and Winslow. I worked as a manager at a local dog boarding and daycare facility. I learned that I loved working with animals and wanted to continue doing so as a career. After meeting Joshua, we were inseparable (despite the 700mi distance for the first few months). After dating for a while, he whisked me off to Virginia to live with him.  Now I am Joshua's non-medical care attendant, but I plan to become a certified dog groomer in the near future. As of right now though, I am enjoying spending my time with Joshua and our dogs. There's never a dull moment with Josh!  We have taken several fun trips together and I'm looking forward to all the fun we are going to have as a married couple.

About Joshua

I am a Corporal in the United States Marine Corps. I love being a Marine; It shaped who I am today. Despite my love for the Marine Corps, I am currently in the process of getting out due to injuries acquired while serving in Afghanistan in 2011. I lost my left leg and obtained many other injuries after stepping on 10 lbs of homemade explosive while clearing the desert of Improvised Explosive Devices. Not only am I fortunate to still have my right leg, I'm blessed to be alive. After several surgeries, I was put back together...minus my left leg.  I met Haley during my first trip home after combat.  I was surprised that she didn't treat me as if I was wounded or handicapped. She's been there for me through my physical therapy, prosthetic appointments, PTSD, and pain. She is the most loving and PATIENT person I know and I can't wait to call her my wife.

How we met

We would like to thank Jessy Flory. If it weren't for her BEGGING Haley to go out and have drinks with her and her two childhood friends, Matt and Joshua; We would have probably never met.

So thank you Jess!


Joshua and Haley

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